Public4MSME project (Stage 1).

Public4MSME+ project (Stage 2).


The main goal of the projects is ensuring supportive conditions for strengthening micro, small and medium-sized enterprises [MSME] in urban areas during the COVID-19 crisis, and now during the recession accelerated by War on Ukraine.

Methodology Meeting

Last Thursday and Friday our Project Team and representatives of Target Groups were working together during Methodology Meeting organized on-line on Zoom platform. We finished with concrete recommendations to every task in the project, including necessary templates to State of the Art (SoA) and Case Study Description. Next weeks – till and of November we focus on collecting data to SoA and defining Methodology Plan. In parallel we work on project logo and graphic “storytelling about Sharing Economy” in visual thinking model. All together will become important input to next tasks. For more information please ask members of our consortium – all contacts are available on webpage.


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