Case Study Folder is main Product that was delivered in Public4MSME project (Stage 1). It cover 30 different case studies collected in 5 Partner regions that present Sharing Economy Model supporting companies facing economic recession.

Now this Folder is the important input into Stage 2 whre we expect to find other sollutions to be implemented, as crisis is still rising.

Full list of the cases is presented here: CASE STUDY FOLDER


Our main goal is ensuring supportive conditions for strengthening micro, small and medium-sized enterprises [MSME] in urban areas during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, as well in the phase of economic recovery.

The interpretation of the business situation defined in the Stage 1 you can find HERE

National Network for Urban Development and Revitalization of the Republic of Moldova

The Association is an NGO that ensure the activity of the informal Network of 13 cities-members that are involved in the urban revitalization process launched in 2017 in Moldova. The goal of the Network is to contribute to strengthening the competitiveness and identity of cities, improving the quality and increasing the attractiveness of the urban environment for the benefit of citizens, the economy and society as a whole through the implementation of integrated urban development instruments.

Based on its objective, the Network is direct interested in supporting cities to overcome the pandemic circumstances and consequences.

Website: n/a

Contact person: Alina Ghilaș

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