Public4MSME project (Stage 1).

Public4MSME+ project (Stage 2).


The main goal of the projects is ensuring supportive conditions for strengthening micro, small and medium-sized enterprises [MSME] in urban areas during the COVID-19 crisis, and now during the recession accelerated by War on Ukraine.

Secondary Technical School of Electrical Engineering

Secondary Technical School of Electircal Engineering (SPŠE) belongs to the dominant secondary vocational schools in Slovakia, which INEKO has also evaluated in the last 5 years. SPSE has educated nearly 7,000 graduates in electrical, ICT, economic and related study fields. At present, the school provides education at ISCED level 3A – full secondary vocational education in three fields of study: electrical engineering, focusing on computer systems, industrial informatics and electrical power engineering, information and network technologies, technical and information services in electrical engineering.

The SPSE also includes the Center for Vocational Education for Electrical Engineering, Information Technologies and Business. The partner has got high qualifications as an expert in education policy.

Webpage of the Partner:

Contact Person: Iveta Marcinčinová

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