The following list covers the ideas of Sharing Economy identified in the Public4MSME projects. To see the ideas description, please press the links in the tittles and enjoy the PDF version files.


Hackathon for cities (link)

Supporting internationalisation (link)

One-stop-shop point (link)

Access to the database with the partners of the LPA (link)

Human resources made available by public institutions for small business (link)

Public-private consortium for projects (link)

Mapping the supply needs of public institutions (link)

Free loan low prices of public equipment rent to local mSMEs (link)

Competence building of mSMEs by organising professional free trainee courses in different business topics (link)     

Organising Local Business Networks of mSME (link)     

City Participatory Budget (link)   

Promotion of the local business in public or private media (link)

Industry companies as a case studies for educational trips (link)

Villages in schools (link)  

Sponsorship of barcamps (link)      

Local city trademark (link)   

Providing cultural and art products for use in the activities of local companies (link)              

Providing technical equipment in schools (link

Promotion of local companies on fairs (link)     

Sharing the promotion space on sport infrastructure (link)

Reduction in the rent by the expenditure incurred on the renovation of a commercial premises rented from the city (link)      

Free cargo space in public transport for local producers registered in the dedicated system (link)         

Heated storage public space made available for the local companies (link)         

Energy sources (link)       

Free care and space for entrepreneurs` kids after school time (link)          

Electrical inspections  made in local companies by the students from local vocational school (link)         

Free premisesstadium for specific mSMEs to test  exhibit the equipment – sport field (link)     

Free premises for organising traingings for target groups in entrepreneurship field by external partners (projects) (link)      

Creating special program for SME offering access to skills development programmes (link)    

Transformation of vacant outdoor space into an urban garden with space for foodtrucks (link)        

Transformation of vacant outdoor space into an urban garden with space for foodtrucks (2) (link)      

Transforming a vacant council office building into a hybrid workspace (link)        

Work-sharing program provides income support to employees who work a temporarily reduced work week while employer recovers (link)       

Internships programs for students in local mSMEs (link)

Support in the identification of land for the production of photovoltaic energy (link)     

Free access to sports resources of territorial communities for teambuilding (link)        

Joint grant programs local public authorities   NGOs for youth on Social Business (link)            

Public-Private Partnership revitalization of the lake surroundings in a recreation area (link)            

Employee baguette  – Support of local baguette producer (link

Self – employed people used to apply for a support (link)

Desinfection – support of local drugstore sellers (link

Kindergarten support bookstores and small book sellers (link)    

Novel web site – preparing novel web site for SME (link)   

Farm street – 2 days festival in the main street (link)

Public procurement plan of local authorities and public institutions (link)

Attracting local SMEs to participate in useful online events and meetings (link)

Creation of a list of vacant premises that can be provided for SMEs (link)

Holding a local business forum (link)

Providing SME access to university labs or other edu institutions (link)

Support for business development in the field of creative industries (link)

Vouchers for participation in exhibitions (link)

Energy saving vouchers (link)

Quick Look in2 mSME (link

Offset model from supporting local big companies (link)

Building the local supply chain surrounding local hospital (link)

Sport challenges to promote local business (link)         

Co-financing of purchase of COVID19 testing instrument (link)

Mobile local marketplace (link)

Additional gate for local marketplace visitors (link)

Support for family businesses (link)        

Buy the flower Reception of chrysanthemums (link)       

Meal for Medic (link)      

Electricity purchasing group (link)          

Sale of farm products during Christmas fair (link)

“Drohobych buys at home” (link)            

Tourism Development Plan in the Lviv Region (link)

Project Made in Karpaty (link)

Consultations and practical trainings for small business of Lviv (link)

City Gallery Exhibition (link)    

Microcredit loans (link)

SABIA – Online Driving School (link)

Tapped pharmacy (link)

Business Incubator (link)

SOS grant (link)

Free job search portal (link)

Do it wisely (link)

Supporting the development of SMEs in the fashion and design industry (link)

Rent Discount (link)

The first Qualified Consumer Friendly Personal Loan (link)

Exemption from the payment of the fee for the issuance (link)

Suspension of the validity of lease contracts of municipally-owned goods (link)

Compensation of expenses, losses of Municipal Enterprises in Balti (link)

SME Digitization Support Tool (link)

Supporting the economic agent by offering firewood (link)

Extension of the working regime of the commercial markets (link)

Small producers fair (link)

Joint grant programs (link)

Farm street Food  – N days festival in the main street (link)

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